Google Cloud Fundamentals | Why GCP? | Why Choose GCP?

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Google Cloud Fundamentals Tutorial. Why GCP? I mean Why Google Cloud Platform? Google Cloud Platform enables the developer-friendly environment to build, test, and deploy applications/services on Google's Infrastructure with highly secured, reliable, and scalable. Google Cloud Computing Architecture Google Cloud supports the Infrastructure from managed Infrastructure to dynamic Infrastructure. Managed Infrastructure represents the IaaS model.

The Infrastructure such as virtual machines, servers, Harddisks, memory gave by cloud providers to run the software and, an example is Compute Engine. Kubernetes Engine supports the Hybrid model that supports both the private and public cloud deployment models to run the containerized applications. App Engine supports the PaaS model that supports the developer-friendly environment provides an infrastructure to run and scale our applications/services. Cloud Functions are used to run the software applications without a server and, the software will run in this environment more dynamically flexible.

GCP offers many other cloud computing services that support the dynamic Infrastructure to run the automated elastic resources. Google Cloud Services Google Cloud Offering many services and, here are major ones. They are, Compute, Storage, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Operations. Compute Google Cloud Compute Services let us create and run the virtual machine on the Google Infrastructure. Storage Google Cloud Storage Services provides an environment to store objects for all company size and store and retrieve any amount of data. Big Data Google Cloud Platform offers Cloud Big Data services to store and process a large amount of data.

Artificial Intelligence Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence offers a platform to run machine learning applications, AI services, Scientific Apps, 3D apps with a flexible and scalable environment. Networking Google Cloud Networking is fast, reliable and, more secured networking platform. The GCP offers the unique ability to easily connect your on-premises, Google Cloud, and other cloud enterprise networks and manage them as a Google Network Infrastructure. Operations Google Cloud operations for Monitoring our application health, Logging, Tracing and, Debugging our applications/services running in the Google Cloud Platform.

Published on: 8/31/21, 5:36 AM