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Kyc - Faq


Because we give users instant payment that's why many users do fake clicks, bots, doing fraud with us different things, after disabling their account they create a new one and again do the same thing we are giving instant payment so we can't verify them before payment that's why eKyc to continue the instant payment. and giving users their best experience and a super-fast payment system.

Yes, All The User's documents are safe in afly. We use the documents only for your identity verification nothing else.

YES one time - KYC is compulsory for all the users if they want to withdraw money 

= Addhar card front & back and pan card.
= Passport from & back and pan card.
= Driving license front and pan card ..

You can use your family member's pan card surname should be matched.

You can use your family member documents

24h to 48h