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Dear Publishers,

AFLY INDIA has closed registration because 99% of users create accounts but do not work. This is due to the presence of fake accounts and real working users being identified. We are now exclusively partnering with medium and large publishers. Only eligible publishers can join our programs at this time.

The eligibility criteria for joining is a 6$ CPM and includes the following:

  1. Publishers must earn a minimum of $2 daily and $60 monthly from

  2. Publishers must disclose their traffic sources, such as websites, Telegram channels, and YouTube channels. Self-clicks, click websites, P2P clicks, WhatsApp groups, and similar platforms are not allowed.

  3. Users can request a withdrawal of a minimum of $10.

Important Notes:

If any publishers or users fail to meet the conditions after a specified period, we will reduce their CPM from $A6 to $A4 for 30 days.

If users still do not meet the conditions, we may close their accounts. If any publishers have not shared links on their channels or websites in the last 15 days, we will have to disable or delete their accounts.

If your channels or website gets banned for any reason, please report it to us within 2 days of the ban; otherwise, we may not be able to help clear your previous payments.


WhatsApp No: +918828818824

Telegram username: @aflyindia

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